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Jogan Airport Fluffiness

This is really bad but it’s my first ever so don’t be mean. Basically what the title says. Jogan airport moment, y’alls.

An estate in Connecticut, a mansion in LA, a vacation home in the Caribbean, and a stately dorm at an elite boarding school and Julian Larson’s only real home was the airport.

It was one of the only constants in his life, that cycle from hating himself as he left for LA to numbness by the time he landed, from a sick, pointless hope as he left for Ohio to a nauseating self-loathing when he arrived to see nobody but Derek come to get him. Always the airport in the background. It saw all of Julian’s melodramatic tragedies and stayed silent.

And now he was here again, for the last time. He wasn’t coming back to Dalton anymore, not after Hell Night. Not now that Logan knew and he hadn’t even said anything to him, just looked, like he had never seen Julian in his life, like he was a completely different person, and Julian had known right then that everything would change, Logan would never be his friend or boyfriend or any damn thing, he would probably never even talk to him again, and he hadn’t talked to him, not really, since then, and-

Julian breathed in sharply. Not here. Not now. The airport was pretty empty at 4:00 AM, but there was a school group with teenage girls who had definitely recognized him about half an hour ago, and the woman mopping the floors across the room was looking at him suspiciously. He plastered on a smile. Everything’s fine.

When Julian’s plane began to board, he stood up with all the other rumpled, tired travelers (as well as that school group, which was getting more high-pitched and annoying by the second), when he heard a shout.

"Lo! Keep going, I got this!" It was Derek. Oh sweet Jesus please don’t make me have some horrific Derek-tries to-make-me-stay moment-

And then Julian actually listened to what Derek had said and realized that Logan was here too. And then, before Julian could even freak out, Logan himself dashed around the corner, screeching to a stop in front of Julian. Several security guards appeared to be following him- Julian could hear them now, too- but that wasn’t really on his mind because right now all Julian could see was Logan. Sweaty, crazy looking Logan. Logan with his hair messed up. Logan who looked like he was about to cry. The two just stared at each other for a while, and then Logan opened his mouth.

"Jules-" started Logan, his voice breaking. He started over, gulping and breathing in. "Jules, don’t go."

It’s not real, Julian. He doesn’t mean it that way. He never will. “Why shouldn’t I, Lo? Give me a reason.”

Logan looked at Julian- really looked, his eyes full of tears, and for a moment Julian felt like this was as close as he had ever gotten to who Logan really was. “Jules- when I found out about you… loving me, I freaked. I was shocked and confused and I had no idea, so I hid. I was scared.” Logan bit his lip. “But then- found out you were leaving. And I realized I didn’t want to let you go.”

"I don’t want to stop seeing your eyes every day. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, Julian, it should be illegal. I don’t want to watch another movie- not a single one- without you being a bitch next to me talking about how that actress looked really fat at the Oscars or you turned this one down when she asked you out one time. I don’t want to have my coffee without getting to make fun of you about yours, because let’s get real, you drink some sissy coffee." Logan smiled sadly. "But Julian- I want more than that too. I want to get to kiss you when I see your eyes first time in the morning every day. I want to snuggle up on the couch with you while we watch those movies, and kiss you on the head when Derek isn’t looking, and I want to hold your hand on top of the table at Starbucks, and god Jules I just love you okay?" Both of them were crying, Logan more. "Julian, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, and I’m not half good enough for you, but I’ll try so fucking hard, and-"

Julian grabbed Logan around the neck and pulled him in for a kiss, tears mixing on each other’s faces, Logan pulling Julian so close it felt like they were the same person. In the background somewhere far away, back on Earth, Julian heard the security guards finally arrive from where Derek had been slowing them down, only to stand, confused, to find their possible terrorist making out with a teen actor many of their daughters were obsessed with. He heard Derek racing behind them, still valiantly trying to hold them up, until he saw the boys kissing, at which he promptly shouted “Yes!” and proceeded to do his happy dance. Julian’s school group fangirls began to cheer along with him and take pictures somebody really should have made them stop taking. But unfortunately, neither Julian nor Logan really paid attention. They had each other now. They were home.

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